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Donor Family and Transplant Recipient Contact

The Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) has published its Report on the Community Consultative Forum: Contact between donor families and transplant recipients (Friday 17 March 2017, Melbourne, Victoria). Download a copy here: Report on the community consultative forum.

The Right to Meet:

Thank you to those who had “Your Say,” taking our survey


Right now in Australia, communication between consenting Donor Families and Recipients is limited despite increasing numbers expressing a desire to meet in a less restricted and supported way, providing healing and hope, whilst still honouring the wishes of those who wish to retain their privacy.

We were overwhelmed to have received 544 survey responses on this issue which was  presented to the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA) and its associated organisations, asking them to review the regulation, policy and practice that govern this area at the recent Community Consultative Forum.

Please see the Autumn 2017 edition of our Newsletter for an article outlining the forum. The report is available to read here.


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